Alpha-1 Antitrypsin testing in Saskatchewan can be easily accessed. Hospital testing is facilitated by the Saskatoon and Regina Qu'Appelle Health Regions with Gamma-Dynacare acting as the primary community collection sites throughout the Province. 

Step 1: Request "Alpha-1 Serum Level" using your hospital requisition form or Gamma-Dynacare requisition form.

Step 2: If a low level is detected (≤ 1.15g/L) resend your patient with the appropriate testing requisition form (local hospital or Gamma-Dynacare) indicating "Alpha-1 Confirmatory Genetic Testing" for additional samples to be sent to Vancouver.

Upon completion, a detailed report will be sent back to the requesting physician outlining the test results and interpretation.


Detailed information on genetic testing was offered by Grifols Canada Ltd