Alpha-1 Antitrypsin serum level screening (step 1) and confirmatory genetic testing (step 2) in Ontario can be easily accessed.

Fill in Sections:

  • "Patient Information"

  • "Physician Information"

  • "Specimen Collection" (check box: "blood, 5-10 ml EDTA room temperature")

  • "COPD or Liver Disease"

Blood draw lab should send sample and completed form to address on requisition

The details of the testing algorithm set up by Trillium Health Partners Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Requisition (Dr. Marsha Speevak) can be viewed here

Questions related to genetic testing can be forwarded to the Genetics Laboratory at Credit Valley Hospital: (905) 813-1100 x6288, fax: (905) 813-3854

* A level below 20 μmol/L (113 mg/dL) will detect Pi*MZ, Pi*SZ, PI*MS and PI*SS with 92% sensitivity and 90% specificity.